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Welcome in the official Hunter x Hunter Merch® store ! Here, you can find a lot of products at the effigie of all of yous favorite characters. Let yourself guided by our large items selection.


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Wencome to Hxh Merch®, young Hunter!

To become a real hunter, you need to own some Hunter x Hunter merch! That's why we offer you this store.

Hxh Merch® is a Hunter x Hunter store created out of a desire to provide the entire Hunter x Hunter community with quality items. We work with the best suppliers in the world and select all the best products. We are committed to bringing you the best Hxh products at the best prices!

Today, the brand is a creator of textiles, figurines and goodies. We draw our strength from our expertise in this field.

Hunter x Hunter Merch is a brand created by fans and we sell our products for fans. We have chosen the best designers to create our products.

We ship our products all over the WORLD, especially to the USA. Hxh Merch has opted for FREE SHIPPING. This way, we make it easy for our customers to get their products.

The security of our customers is paramount. All payment methods are secure. Also, we are committed to not resell your personal data.

If you have any suggestion, you can contact us by email at

See you soon.

The Hxh Merch team.